Peak District T-shirts

T-shirts inspired by the Peak District supporting 
Mountain Rescue


The T-shirts will be on sale for a limited time at the end of October.
Full details coming soon!

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After many happy days out cycling, running, climbing and stomping over the Peak District deep in discussions, we have finally pulled together one of our grand plans. We chose four locations that are special to us and, as we are graphic designers, we’ve created designs from the graphics found at them.

The T-shirts will be sold to support Peak District Mountain Rescue. We often see them out in all weathers helping people who are in difficulties from all activities, so we are delighted to be able to give a little support back.

Fiddlers Elbow

For us, whether we’re in a car or on a bike, this bend marks the entrance to the Peak District with enticing views signalling the beginning of a great day, often ended with a bowl of chips and a glass of dark beer. We love it!

13Bends Tshirt A619 Bakewell

13 Bends

The A619 to Bakewell. We have driven this road many times counting the bends, sometimes more, sometimes less, but we’ve never agreed on the thirteen!

Mam Nick

The beginning of Mam Nick, one of the biggest cycling challenges in the Peak District. 
‘Slow’ is a given for us! 


Returning home this is found at the top of Surprise. The rather optimistic call to ‘Reduce Speed Now’ always raises a tired smile as we cycle past on the last leg but it’s a welcome reminder to enjoy the last moments of the day. 

The T-shirts will be on sale for a limited time at the end of October.
Full details coming soon!

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