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FITISM is a gym that doesn’t feel like a traditional gym. Founder, Matt Kay has a boundless enthusiasm and a wide knowledge of fitness and the way it is deeply connected to exercise, nutrition and mental well-being. He genuinely cares about people and their desire to improve their bodies, and he started FITISM to share is vision of a fun and relaxed approach to body transformation.

We were asked to communicate the message at the heart of FITISM – body transformation is achieved when all aspects of fitness are cared for – exercise, food and mental well-being. FITISM can simplify and unify these processes, and make it fun!

The branding needed a strong visual presence to establish the gym in a crowded marketplace. We sharpened up the existing logo and created an identity that we ran through brochures, flyers and banners. Initially working with a limited budget, we carefully sourced agency images that felt like a tailored photoshoot which were later accompanied by more personal shots taken of the gym and branding in use. We continued this confident yet accessible branding through the website, art directing the complicated build centered around a complex booking system for the various gym classes in the two locations.

‘By The Sky Design  were among the first people that completely understood what I was trying to achieve.
To have a design team on your side with the patience and understanding to dissect an entrepreneurs mindset is essential and incredibly reassuring.’ 


Founder, FITISM

When we started working with FITISM they were expanding their cooking facilities into a new kitchen for the prep of their unique food service and to create a gorgeous smoothy bar for the gym members.

we were asked us to expand the identity into the kitchen and the new products, packaging design and signage. We created a huge sign that could be seen from the entrance, directing customers up into the Kitchen where we designed all the packaging and labels for the food and handmade Granola and Muesli as well as other graphics like advertising flyers and loyalty cards.

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