We have written many articles that have been published in Riddle magazinesearching for stories near home in Sheffield and around the world. We discover and write about manufacturers like the truly wonderful William Lennon, a boot manufacturer hidden away for over 100 years among the hills of the Peak District. 

It has been an absolute pleasure to gain an in-site into local companies like Rab, Locksley Distillery, Field cycles and Mamnick as well as further afield like Maserati and Lexus and a real privilege to interview the likes of rock star Andy Mackay, Roxy Music, and former pro-cyclist David Miller. 

We are always looking for new stories, please get in touch if you would like us to write a piece for your publication or if you have a suggestion for an article for Riddle magazine.

Field cycles

Field of dreams: Bespoke bicycles lovingly handmade in Sheffield

William Lennon

The heart and sole of British boots


We chat to Thom Barnett about his very personal clothing brand

Rab – Built for adventure

10th anniversary of the iconic Microlight jacket

Andy Mackay, Roxy Music

Sax, God & Rock’n Roll

Sir Robin of Locksley

Gin forged in the birthplace of stainless steel


Driving Maserati & riding the Tour d’Yorkshire


The birth of trainers. Handmade in Bolton

You can’t go on writing love songs forever, sometimes you have to think a little bit more about the human condition.’ 


Designing Lexus

A rare look inside the secretive world of Lexus design

Café du Cycliste

Performance clothing bridging the gap between ride and café

Le Mans

What is there to do in Le Mans after the race?

Cycling with Michael Vaughan

Over the Swiss mountains with Etape Suissi

Keep an eye out for more articles coming very soon! 

Blooming Lovely

RHS Flower Show Chatsworth

Kathryn Sargent, Savile Row

Tailored: A very British Fashion exhibition

Fun in the new Smart!

Smart Motoring And  Riotous Turning

A home in the City 

Finding a warm welcome at the London Bridge Hotel

‘Do one thing at a time, as beautifully as possible.’ 


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