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The British market is bursting with fine examples of bespoke tailoring, artisan craftsmanship and original thinking. We wanted to showcase and promote this, so, making use of our experience in luxury lifestyle publishing, we helped co-found Riddle magazine. Initially focusing on the UK market, Riddle has grown to celebrate the rich variety of products, places and events around the world that we admire and love.

The online Riddle magazine enjoys a global success with a growing monthly readership of over 130,000 readers with more than half a million monthly page views.

We designed a logo that encapsulates the linking thoughts of a riddle and which looks elegant and contemporary. A striking ‘R’ icon was created to carry the branding throughout social media.

A special version of this was created as part of Riddle’s first birthday celebrations where the ‘R’ and a candle where combined.


The magazine is bought to life with the commanding images by Andy Barnham, co-founder and professional photographer.  Andy shoots fashion editorials, with models including David Gandy, who featured on Riddle’s first print edition.

Many of the stories centred on London and Savile Row, so we were particularly thrilled to start the search for stories further north, discovering and writing about people and manufacturers like the truly wonderful William Lennon, Britain’s last remaining boot manufacturer hidden away for over 100 years among the hills of the Peak District. It has been an absolute pleasure to gain an incite into companies like Maserati, Rab and Locksley Distillery and a real privilege to meet and interview the likes of rock star Andy Mackay, Roxy Music, and former pro cyclist David Miller. 

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