Happy Healthy Tummies

A story about a growing brand


Sally James’s passion for healthy eating and her curiosity of how what we eat and drink influences our well being, led her to create a food blog, Sprouting Yumminess, where she gives a variety of recipes and information about feeding children so that they can grow to thrive.

The blog needed an identity to look professional, contemporary and inviting for new parents. The branding had to be distinctive and also flexible to work on many platforms, Twiter, Instagram and Facebook as well as the website. 

We designed a bright and friendly identity that reflected Sally’s healthy, fresh recipes. We picked bright colours and adapted a hand written font, personalising it with sprouting foliage. 

The foliage theme was then further developed to create a stand alone icon to use, together with the images that we sourced, on social media

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Healthy Happy Tummies

As Sally’s family grew older, the blog also grew and developed into a source of healthy recipes for the whole family. Sally asked us to help rebranding the blog with a new name and identity, Healthy Happy Tummies

We kept a connection to the original brand, working with the same font as a base for the new logo. The new name is fairly long so a heart was chosen to unify the three words and represent the love for looking after your tummy with healthy, delicious recipes for an active, happy family. The heart was then taken to be used for social media icons.

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